OSM Association of Poland

The OpenStreetMap Poland Association is a non-profit organization that promotes and supports the OpenStreetMap project in Poland, but also promotes the idea of free cartography and uses of it for public purposes such as popularizing geodesy and cartography knowledge, promoting the creation, collection and dissemination of publicly available geographic data.

The Association pursues its objectives by:

  1. Creation of free software supporting operations of the OpenStreetMap project.
  2. Conducting training and workshops to co-create and improve the OpenStreetMap project.
  3. Organizing scientific symposiums and promotional activities for the OpenStreetMap project.
  4. Collaboration with the central and local authorities of the Surveying and Cartography Service.
  5. Conducting activities supporting the development of technology, inventiveness and innovativeness in the field of geoinformation in Poland.
  6. Dissemination and assistance in the implementation of new technical solutions in the field of geoinformation in business practice.
  7. Collaborate with the OpenStreetMap Foundation, registered in the United Kingdom, to implement the statutory objectives of the Association.

The association was founded in March 2011 in Łódź.